There are three simple steps to changing your dentist and ensuring that you keep all the benefits of your UDENZ payment plan.

Call your current dentist and ask them to complete a Patient Leaving Form for you. We recommend going to a final appointment with your current dentist, because if you have outstanding treatment when you visit your new dentist you will be charged privately to have this completed.

Call us on 04449580 once you’re ready to cancel the contract you hold with your current dentist. Alternatively you can email us. Your contract will end with your dentist on the last day of the month. We only need at least 21 days notice to cancel your contract, so if you contact us within a week of your last UDENZ payment, you won’t need to make another payment until you've registered with your new UDENZ provider.

Call your new dentist and arrange your first appointment. Remember to tell them that you’re a UDENZ patient, and ask if there is any initial assessment fee. You’ll need to complete an application form and sign a new contract with your dentist, and remember to take along your Patient Leaving Form from your previous dentist, if you have one

We can send you a list of UDENZ providers in your local area at your request; or you can search for a new dentist using our online Find a Dentist service.

Plans Through Your Dentist