What to do in a dental emergency.

In Your Country

You can go to any dentist for help or advice and we can help to Find a Dentist close to you. The dental payment plans include cover for dental injury and temporary dental emergency treatment only up to policy limits. See the Policy Document for full details of what your plan includes.

Overseas or aboard

If you have a dental emergency while you are away from home, you can visit any dentist and are covered for necessary treatment up to policy limits. You can see any dentist of your choice overseas.  If you need help to find a dentist overseas,  we recommend that you discuss your needs with your hotel concierge, your operator representative or any family, friends or colleagues that you may know in the area first.

Out of hours

If you are in dental pain during the night or at the weekend, you can still receive dental treatment as the dental payment plans include cover for call-out-fees and dental emergency treatment. See the Policy Document for full details of what your plan includes.

Dental First Aid Tips

1- Clean the area around the sore tooth thoroughly

2- Rinse your mouth vigorously with lukewarm (body temperature) salt water to dislodge trapped food or debris

3- Do not use very hot or very cold salt water as this may inflame the gums

4- Do not place aspirin on the gum or on the aching tooth

5- If your face is swollen, apply a cold compress and seek help from a dentist as soon as possible

6- Cold water rinses may temporarily ease the pain from a throbbing tooth

7- Avoid lying down as this raises the blood pressure and increases pain

8- If a permanent tooth is knocked out, rinse it gently in water if it's dirty, and push the tooth back into its socket. If this is not possible, put the tooth into milk or saliva to keep it moist.  Get to a dentist or hospital casualty department as soon as possible.

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