What is the UDENZ Discount Network?

Making dental care more affordable for you, the UDENZ Discount Network is made up of nearly 2,000 dentists who offer a discount on the cost of dental treatments if you have a UDENZ payment plan as a benefit through your employer.

How does it work?

In order to benefit from the discount, you just need to visit a participating practice and let them know that you have a UDENZ corporate policy. They’ll then apply the appropriate discount to your treatment before you pay in the usual way.

You can search nearly 2,000 UDENZ Discount Network providers by registering for our online services.

Simply enter your City Code and you’ll be given a list of participating dentists with details of the discounts that they offer along with a map showing their location. What if my current dentist

What if my current dentist isn’t in the network?

If your current dentist isn’t currently a member of the UDENZ Discount Network you can continue to visit them as normal. You will still be able to claim up to the benefits limits available on your dental plan. If you mention the UDENZ Discount Network to them and they are interested in taking part then they can call and we will discuss the network with them.

What to take with you to your appointment

Because the UDENZ Discount Network is exclusively available to employees that have UDENZ payment plans as an employee benefit your dentist may wish to verify your membership with us. You can either:

Take the letter that you receive at the start of your policy or renewal which confirms your policy number; or

Ask the practice to call a Corporate advisor and we will confirm your membership

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