Udenz Blockchain

UDENZ Blockchain WhitePaper

UDZ Blockchain

We are introducing by Early 2019 UDZ Blockchain Empowered Platform to achieve the following Goals:

  • Empower the dentists of the MENA region by giving them access to the global market .
  • Provide a complete dental history of the patient to the dentist thus enabling the dentist to make more specialized treatments according to the patient.
  • Prevent insurance claim frauds by using blockchain which has resulted in a loss of 3.67 Billion AED in the UAE itself.
  • Provide dentists the money for a genuine claim in under 24 hours which currently takes 60-90 days.
  • Make Dental procedures cheaper for patients
  • Make insurance premiums cheaper for the patient.
  • Incentivize patients to follow dental check ups and procedure thus promoting long term dental health and more patient retention for dentists
Aiming For..
Dentists Empowerment in MENA
Delivering Complete Dental History
Dental Frauds Prevention
Cheaper Insurance Premiums
Incentivize patients For check ups