UDENZ Progress

UDENZ Growth & Stability

Dentists & Transactions

Through out the progress of UDENZ in the market, it gained a rapid increase in the number of dentists registered in the platform. Consequently, it caused a remarkable increase in the number of transactions that reflects the appointments successfully done through UDENZ Having a total of 6,000 Dentsists & 150 Transaction per Day

UDENZ Dentists are spread in the active destinations that Include – Dubai , Muscat , Jeddah, Cairo, Beirut, Amman, Manama, Baghdad, Ramallah, Kuwait, Riyadh, Alexandria

Sales Turnover

UDENZ partnered with more than 20 Medical Institutions such as: Canadian Hospital , Muhaideb group, Iranian Hospital , RAK Hospital and Others. Applying the recent technologies of Smart API Algorithm, Process Aggregation and 24/7 AI Contact