Plans Through Your Dentist

Discover more about what UDENZ Professionals can do for you. If you have or are considering setting up a UDENZ payment plan with your dentist, you can use the links below to find out more.

Patient Plans

Why UDENZ Plan

We’re delighted that you’ve chosen to use our payment plans. This means that you have access to regular private dental care with your dentist and their dental team.. Read More

What’s Included in My Plan?

The summary of the benefits and exclusions of our dental payment plans is provided as below.. Read More

Our Payment Plans

Most UDENZ payment plans include UDENZ Supplementary Insurance as part of your plan. This is arranged... Read More

Fees Explained

Your UDENZ monthly fees are set by your dentist and are based on your oral health, and the treatments you're likely to receive in the future. They're also determined by your dental practice.. Read More

How to Make A Claim

UDENZ Supplementary Insurance is included in your dental payment plan. This can help you with... Read More

Changing Your UDENZ Plan Provider

There are three simple steps to changing your dentist and ensuring that you keep all the benefits of your UDENZ payment plan. Call your current... Read More
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